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Interested in getting your CPL? Want to know more about defending yourself? Want to learn better shooting habits, or hone the skills you already posses? Fowler's Home on the Range offers a whole variety of classes that cover these subjects as well as many more. Don't see a class you would like to take? Contact us and let us know, maybe we can work something out!

Below is a list of classes we currently have scheduled, along with some details about it. If we are requiring registration for the class, please follow the associated link and fill out the form. If a deposit is required please call or stop by and take care of that before the class!

Name Date and Time Description Cost Deposit
Basic Rifle Scope 06/23/19 01:00 Learn how to adjust, sight in, and all the aspects of correctly mounting a rifle scope as well as having an instructor here to help you sight in your rifle after you have your scope mounted. $50.00 $0.00